2013 – 2018        

Business Development in medical and bio-engineering field

Finding needs and supply solutions in medical field using laser and imaging technologies.


2008 – 2013        

Development of Bio-electronics Microscope

Developing a Fluorescence Microscope to be used in Bio-electronics.


2004 – 2008        

Development of Optical Waveguide fabrication on silicon substrate

Investigated an optical waveguide fabrication on silicon substrate using a modified Separation by IMplanted OXygen (SIMOX) technology with keeping compatibility of CMOS.


2003 – 2005        

Development of active optical aberration canceling device

Investigated liquid-crystal devices to cancel the spherical aberration for “Bluray”; optical disk recording system for High Definition (HD) format. Devised a liquid-crystal panel with microdots on electrode to modulate the optical phase of passing light smoothly.


2002 – 2003        

Visiting at University of California at Los Angeles (financial supporting by Sony Corp.)

From August 2002 to September 2003, stayed at Optoelectronic Circuits and Systems Laboratory in University of California, Los Angeles as a visiting researcher. The laboratory is supervised by Prof. Bahram Jalali. During staying Dr. Prakash Koonath and I devised an optical waveguide fabrication technology that can make optical waveguide underneath the surface of silicon substrate by modification of Separation by Implanted Oxygen (SIMOX) technology. This technology was reviewed by Nature Materials.


1997 – 2002        

Development of Near-Field Phase-Change Optical Recording using Solid Immersion Lens

Accomplished a stable optical contact condition through microfabrication on a 1mm diameter ball lens to keep air gap between lens and rotating disk under 50nm.

Developed the optical disk suitable for near-field data storage. (designed, fabricated and polished)

Demonstrated the first read/write signals in near-field optical data storage.


1994 – 1997        

Development of Ink-Jet Printing Head

Produced the fabrication process of tapered nozzles by laser ablation.

Investigated and prepared water-repellent coating materials suitable for nozzles fabricated by laser ablation.

Promoted multi arrayed piezoelectric actuators for Ink-Jet printing head. (Designed and fabricated)


1988 – 1994        

Development of Waveguide type Quasi-Phase-Matching Second Harmonic Generator

Devised domain inversion methods of Lithium Niobate crystal using electron beam.

Designed and fabricated proton exchange channel waveguide on Lithium Niobate crystal, to improve coupling efficiency between waveguide and laser diode.