Products(3) H2O2 Sterilization Acceptable USB3 Camera

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Sterilization process acceptable USB3 camera

Product name: Sterile-cam USB (STC-USB-M01, -C01)

We provide availability of USB3 camera to your experiments in a sterile environment.


Feature 1: versatility of camera function

Direct control by PC with USB3 cable
Mechanical connection of C mount and camera screw
Time lapse image capture by attaching software

Feature 2: accept sterilization process

Can be applied to H2O2 sterilization process without cover

Comparison of Decontamination and Sterilization

Some virus and bacteria can remain after Decontamination process

No virus, bacteria and cells remain after Sterilization process

Picture of Sterile-cam USB


Mechanical data

  Size: 56mm x 56mm x 135mm (excluding protrusions and cables)

  Weight: 800g

Camera function

  Sensor type: 1/2” CMOS (monochrome or color)

  Number of pixels: 1.3Mpixels ( 1280 x 1024 )

  Data interface: USB3( cable length: 2m)

  Lens mount format: C

 Attaching Software

  Camera Explorer (Baumer): capture still images and movies

  Time lapse image capture (Pinpoint Photonics): continuous image with fixed time intervals


          Captured image files can directly opened and converted to movie file by ImageJ.

          Movie examples captured by attaching time lapse software and converted by ImageJ.


Sterile-cam USB accepts only H2O2 Sterilization, it does not accept other sterilization process such as EOG and autoclave.



In case C mount lens cannot accept sterilization process, we can supply lens cover for H2O2 Sterilization process as an optional tool (maximum lens size: 35mm in length, 30mm in diameter)