Products(1) Pixel illuminator-C

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C mount attachable imaging and camera unit

Product name: Pixel illuminator-C

We supply functionality on microscope


Feature 1: Direct connection to camera port of microscope

No additional attaching tool is necessary
No user alignment is necessary

Feature 2: Laser manipulation control on GUI

Illumination points or illumination boundary is set by mouse clicking on the image


Photoporation (make hole on the cell surface)
Laser cell screening
Local heating / IR-LEGODNA damage
Laser marking

Appeal point 1: small and light weight

Pixel illuminator is matched to the trends of Fluorescent Microscope

Appeal point 2: High power and high contrast laser illumination

Pixel illuminator is based on laser pointing technology. It is same with that the point of laser pointer is brighter than the presentation screen.

Experimental results of high power and high contrast laser illumination

Pros/Cons against DMD mirror method

Pros / Cons

Methods of improve of Simultaneous illumination

Appeal point 3: Pixel illuminator can illuminate laser beam with from UV (340nm) to NIR(1550nm).

Methods of improve of Simultaneous illumination (2)

Using two beam scanning system (ordermade)
Laser beam illumination profile can be controlled with 1msec resolution.
The beam size enlargement with focus adjustment unit can be applied independently.

Demo Movie 1 CW laser illumination (Selected area illumination )

Boundary selection is set by mouse clicking on image. Laser illumination amount can be adjusted by moving speed and laser intensity

Demo Movie 2 Laser cell selection (Pulsedlaser)

Selected cells are killed by laser illumination in closed chamber. Observation is fluorescent

Demo Movie 3 Object tracking

Laser illumination with image analysis (intensity analysis) is also possible